Tales from Taiwan #5

Dear sisters,

At the writing of my last Tales from Taiwan, I had no idea what God had in store for me next.  I just knew that whatever it was, He would faithfully show me, as He always has.

He placed the children of Taiwan on my heart.  So here I am for a year.  Because the work He wants to do through me here isn't finished.  Because I need to continue learning to die to self.  Because He gives me the privilege to be His hands and feet in a land filled with idols and temples and a very real evil.

I sometimes wonder how I can keep greeting 75 kids on Monday, loving them and teaching them each day, and then saying goodbye on Friday.  And then starting the whole process over again come Monday.

That's when I know it's not me.  It isn't me who is loving these precious souls.  If it was, I would have burned out a long time ago.  Instead, I am humbled to be the instrument through which the Almighty's love flows through to each child.  Without Him, I could never do this.

And wow, has our Lord Jesus been so incredibly faithful, powerful, and good!

Like after school when I go to the village to share a Bible story with the kiddos.  These tribal kids are used to running wild on the streets, so it is quite the challenge to get them to sit down.  I am tempted to wonder if this is a hopeless cause - they keep running in circles and yelling at each other.  We start the story anyway.  I think the littlest boy isn't listening.  He seems to delight in disrupting our story any way he can.  We keep going.  An hour later we give the kids paper and coloring pencils and they suddenly quiet down, concentrating on creating a masterpiece.  I glance down at the littlest one's paper and my heart seems to stop.

He drew five stones.  Like the five stones David gathered before he fought Goliath.

I can't seem to comprehend this.  When I thought this little guy was simply running, yelling, and definitely not listening, God was once again proving Himself to be faithful.  He was working behind the scenes.  Doing things I thought were impossible.  Because He is God.  He isn't limited and doubtful like you or I can be at times.

I smile.  Because He is powerful.  Good.  Faithful.  And He has bought me here thus far and I know, I know - He will continue to work in this dark land.

For Him in Taiwan,


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