Wait for the Lord

                   The Bible has many reminders that we should wait for the Lord. Some of these wonderful verses are Psalm 27:14, Psalm 25:1-3, and Isaiah 40:29-31

It seems the night will never end,
The winds are blowing still,
And I cannot say, cannot pretend
To know what is God’s will-
Why the heartbreak, why the tears?
I do not see Your purpose here.
But yet Your whisper comes to me:
"Wait for the Lord and do not fear."

In times of trouble and times of peace
I know that You, O Lord,
Can never change, Your love cannot cease,
And my problems in this world,
Though overwhelming they appear,
Are nothing compared to Your might.
And still within my heart I hear:
"Morning shall come, though dark be the night."

My soul, recall no more past grief,
But trust in God, and keep
Your heart full of hope and belief.
And though you must sometimes weep,
Remember the Savior’s love and grace,
Wait for Him and keep your faith.
For there shall come a day
When doubt will flee and tears be erased.

Though now I cannot see the whole
Of God’s design through this,
And though there’s nothing beautiful
To behold, I trust that His
Own ways are higher than my plans,
For He holds my life with loving hands.
Take courage, my heart, through pain,
And remember, that those who wait for God
Shall never be put to shame.


  1. I am so there with you Victoria! Especially the last verse... so good!


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