Wonder: A Poem

Wonder by Victoria Suich

What were You thinking-
To scandalize Yourself,
Let Your holy feet
Touch mud and dusty earth?
What were You thinking-
To be so shocking,
First cry in a stable,
To come into the world by such a birth?

But oh! when You were born
Eternity opened her eyes,
And Life awoke in surprise,
And Night turned to Morn!

A new star gleamed in the sky
As You gasped Your first breath, incarnate little Boy.
Angels sang the first carol with joy,
As Mary hummed Your first lullaby.
Your first visitors were no kingly men,
But to lowly shepherds did God send
The coveted invitation.

You who once ruled the seas
Came to earth a baby.
Where was Your powerful Arm?
So fragile then, and small,
You could not save Yourself from harm,
You could only trust.

O my Lord, the beauty of it all!
That Your love could know no bounds,
No restrictions.
Even when You found
The road harder still-
To the cross.

O my Lord, the wonder of Your will
To see it through!
For what You lost
It shall always be told,
Always known,
That You gained countless-fold
That You stepped out of infinity
To mortal humanity,
To bear our sins
And for us win


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