Guy/Girl Relationships

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Guy/girl relationships from a Biblical perspective.  It's one of the top requests we received during our giveaway and survey last November.  Definitely a hot topic, one that everyone seems to be talking about and yet everyone wants to know more, too.  It's something our parents discuss, our pastors preach on, and our peers giggle about.

In fact, the media loves guy/girl relationships, too.  We see movies and tv shows portraying flirtations and romance.  We pass by magazines which detail 9 ways to catch a guy, 27 ways to know he likes you, and 39 ways to dress seductively.  We delve into books where physical intimacies like kissing and such are the norm - and even expected before marriage.

The problem comes when we take in these shows, movies, magazines, books and whatever else the world throws at us and allow them to shape our beliefs and actions.  When this happens, what God says on these issues falls into second place.  Definitely a problem since He is supposed to be first in our lives as believers!

So what do we learn from these various forms of media?  That relationships are focused on self, on physical attractiveness and intimacy, and on what I can get from the other person.  Take a look at most any Hollywood couple and you'll see what I'm talking about.  Their lives, their relationships, and almost everything around them is collapsing and falling apart.

Then there's divorce.  We hear about that lot, too.  More and more couples are divorcing, the polls reveal.  They are taking a precious covenant and tossing it out the window.  They're taking what God Almighty designed as a lifelong commitment and treating it like trash.  Pretty soon they've left their spouse and have hooked up with someone new.

So, what does the Scriptures say about these current issues?  How can we know what to do, what not to do?  Is it all about rules, the heart, or what?  How do we know if we're focusing on the right things?

Because ultimately, these guy/girl relationships need to be about Christ: pleasing Him and honoring Him.  And we can't do that if we haven't spent enough time in prayer, in His Word, and in godly counsel with Christ-like mentors.

So this March, we're going to set aside some time to learn more, to pray about it, and seek Christ and His Word.  We're inviting you to join us as we search the Scriptures and pray!  Tune in again soon for the second installment in our Guy/Girl series.  Until then, girls, may He guide you and give you His wisdom and understanding!


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