Friday Footprints

Happy Summer, readers!

Here's a collection of our fabulous findings this month...

A craving for a delicious blueberry muffin brought about a search for the best blueberry muffins on the web. This recipe takes the cake! (er uh...muffin!) We added a sweet crumble (melted butter, brown sugar, and flour) to top these yummy muffins off.

If you haven't already... Watch "God's Not Dead" the new movie, featuring the Newsboys and the Robertsons from "Duck Dynasty", about a college student's struggle to defend his faith on campus, specifically in a philosophy class taught by an atheist professor. This awesome movie deserves a review all its own.

Speaking of the Newsboys, check out two of our favorite songs! "God's Not Dead" the theme song of the movie and "Restart" a great song about God's forgiveness.

With so much negativity and non-Christian messages in media today we're refreshed to see these great Christian productions. We hope you are as encouraged by them as we have been!

Blessings to you!
Joanna, Krista, Megan, Emily & Victoria


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