Book Review: Choosing Gratitude

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Title: Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy

Author:  Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Genre:  Christian

Rating (1=lowest, 5=highest):

Synopsis:  God places pretty high importance on gratitude.  Skim through the Bible and you'll come up with dozens of commands to be grateful and to give thanks.  The thing is - gratitude doesn't always come naturally.  We must choose gratitude! 

Like: I love DeMoss' easy-to-read style and how much research she obviously put into this book.  She points the reader again and again to Jesus and to Scriptures and I love that.  She's theologically sound and really gets to the heart of the matter.  Her book really, really encouraged me during a difficult time in my life when I needed to lean on Jesus even more and I really appreciate her honesty, humility, and the grace with which she writes.  One thing that really stuck out to me was one part when she said (paraphrase) that in every circumstance, I always have two choices - I can choose to whine or I can choose to worship.  That's become my mantra these days!

Don't like:  I couldn't find anything I didn't like.

Conclusion: Choosing Gratitude is a worthy read.  It's Biblical, easy-to-read, and really encouraging.  Read it!


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