Friday Footprints

Here are two resources for you as you seek to let His Word permeate your heart and life.

Look at the Book

When a friend showed me John Piper's "Bible labs" with his "Look at the Book" series, I was hooked.  Each lab is around 8-10 minutes long and is about a portion of Scripture that Piper delves into and beautifully and clearly explains.  Some of the passages that I had never been able to quite understand were clearly shown by Piper and I am so glad to have found this incredible resource!

 Wycliffe Bible Translators

Take a few minutes to peruse Wycliffe's site and find out more about this incredible ministry.  Wycliffe is working hard to get a Bible translated into the nearly 1,900 languages that are still waiting for a single word of the Book - by 2025!  Take a look around and read some stories like these of how God is working.  See how you can partner with them, whether through prayer or financial giving.  Together, let's help bring God's Holy Word to people who have never had it before and are waiting!

May His Word sink deep into your heart, sisters!
Joanna, Megan, Krista, Emily & Victoria


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