I look behind. The past is yet
Present within my heart.
I do not wish to recall my failures,
But mostly I want to forget
The silent hours, the days, the years,
When I did nothing,
But sat in self-complacent fear.

Please keep my wasted hours and dreams
Out of sight. I wish to revive again
Only those days which have been
The days I truly lived. When streams
Of love flowed from my heart
In service to my God. And there seemed
Nothing too small to give
To my God – these were the days I truly lived.

Let me tell you the things I have learned
That are not wasted,
Though they seem passed by.
This is what will never die:
The love you give and the faith you keep,
The compassionate tears that you weep,
And all those menial tasks you always thought
Were never seen. These are the things,
Yes, the very ones, that will not
Be forgotten or wasted by your King.


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