Tales from Taiwan #10

(I've actually been back in Taiwan since the end of August but it's been crazy busy so I'm just now writing an update of what God is doing here!)

Dear Sisters,

Isn't it funny how we pray for things and then are surprised when God answers our prayers?  It's like we know God is big and powerful and almighty, but then when we pray, we kinda don't expect Him to truly answer our prayers.  That's something God has been showing me recently - sometimes I catch myself praying and then not really expecting my Jesus to answer.  How silly is that?!  

But even last week, some friends and I went to an aboriginal village where some of our former students live.  We prayed that God would not only allow us to see our students, but that He would also let us see a lot of people.

Well, we drove into the village and saw all these people walking on the road and I just started laughing.  Here we had prayed we would "see a lot of people" and here they were, right in front of us!  Turns out, God had us come the exact day that the village was having a walking event and various contests for the day.  I eventually got coerced into joining the adults for a furious contest of peeling pomelo fruit.  Gotta love aboriginal contests!  It was pretty fun...and I won a whole ten cases of toilet paper to boot!

The best part of our village visit, though, was spending time with our students.  We taught them in fourth grade and now they are sixth graders.  We got to talk with them and just encourage them.  The whole time I kept smiling and thanking God, because He had showed me once again that He loves to answer our prayers!  

I'm so grateful to be back on the island where I can share His love and truth!  God is so good!

For Him in Taiwan,


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