Tales from Taiwan #12

Dear sisters,

Every Monday since September, I've been going to a boys' home and just investing in their lives however I can.  I'm learning that investing in these boys' lives often looks different than what I used to think.  It might be playing Uno or talking or singing or watching their performances or eating their cooking creations.  Whatever, it is, I'm always praying that God will shine through me and that they won't see Joanna but that they'll see Jesus and His goodness and love.

Around Thanksgiving, I attended their singing competition.  Most of the boys are teens and thus often put on the "I'm too cool to acknowledge you" air, but I know inside they're actually pleased I came.  They may tease and act tough but I've seen the look in their eyes.  They're grateful that someone cares about them enough to drive an hour for their performance.  They're grateful to have someone in the audience.  Many of them don't have any family, so it means a lot that my friends and I can come and just simply be there for them.

Something my friends and I often remind each of is this: The students we teach may not remember our names years later.  They may not remember that specific lesson or those English phrases.  They may not remember the crafts we did or the activities.  But they will always remember how they felt when we taught them.  They will remember how loved they felt.

The same is with these teens at the home.  They may forget my name.  They may forget the games we played or our conversations, but they will not forget that we took the time to listen to them and attend their performances and cheer them on.  They will remember how they felt - loved.

That's another thing God has been teaching me - I need to be faithful in the small things and He will use those for His glory.  It may feel kinda small or normal or not special at all, but sometimes, that's when He does the most and is most glorified.

I love this quote from Mother Teresa:

"I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world."

May each of us embrace this position as "a little pencil" and be faithful in the little things He calls us to.

For Him in Taiwan,


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