Friday Footprints

Looking for some good links this weekend?  Here you go!

How should we respond to national grief?
It seems like more and more tragedies have been on the news recently.  This question - how should we respond to national grief? was posted last month on The Rebelution and I think it's worth joining in the discussion.  How do we approach this how Jesus would?

Agape International Missions - Cambodia
Back in February I (Joanna) had the privilege of meeting some folks at Agape International Missions (AIM) in Cambodia.  It was so inspiring to hear stories of God's faithfulness in their ministry as they work to rescue girls and women from sex-trafficking.  They have a lot of resources on their website, including service opportunities, ways to help (like getting your church or organization to order clothing or other items that rescued women make) and much more.  AIM's heart for the brokenhearted in Cambodia is a beautiful thing to see and I pray you'll get involved in some way too!

May you experience His love and truth this weekend!

In Christ,
Joanna, Megan, Krista, Emily & Victoria


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