Tales from Taiwan #18


Dear Sisters,

The other day I was playing with some of my kids when this conversation came up:

“Are there ghosts there?” His eyes wide, it is obvious this little guy believes it to be so.

I take the topic of ghosts very seriously.  Many of the kids I work with have told me that they have seen ghosts before.  In this culture saturated with darkness and fear, I can believe that they do see evil spirits, which they would call “ghosts”.  Maybe before becoming involved in world missions, I might’ve scoffed if a child told me they saw a ghost.  Now, I believe them.  Evil is real and the spiritual battle is real.

I kneel down to get to eye level with this little boy.  “If we are ever afraid, all we have to do is pray for Jesus to protect us.”  I’m about to go on but another of the boys, Jack Jack, speaks up before I can continue.  I bite my tongue in surprise.

“Don’t worry.  These English teachers don’t have to go to the temple and pray for the gods to protect them.  They say that because Jesus loves you, you are safe from the ghosts.  You just pray and Jesus will protect you.”

He says it so matter of fact but my heart feels like it skips a few beats.  To hear this village boy proclaim this…there are no words to explain the profoundness of this moment.

This is the kid who always seems like he is not listening.  If he isn’t fidgeting, he might be fighting, running everywhere or acting up.  I always wonder if Jack Jack hears even a word we share with him.

I have my answer: He’s listening. 

My smile grows bigger and bigger.  God is on the move in this village.  Sometimes I don’t see any outward changes in my kids’ lives.  And sometimes I catch a glimpse of God working. 

As Jack Jack proclaims truth, he doesn’t even know that God is speaking through him.  But He is.  Another seed is starting to find good soil and starting to bloom.  So many seeds have been planted here over the years.  Lord of the harvest, come and cause these little seeds to grow.  That’s my prayer as I walk these streets and hold these little hands.  

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

In Taiwan for Him,


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