Bible Plans for 2017

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It's almost 2017 and that means it's a great time to reflect on your Bible reading plans for the new year.  We thought it would be helpful if we reposted this list from last year of reading plans offered by three different ministries. Take a look below and pray about how the Lord would have you study His Word in this new year.

Bible Gateway:

Bible Gateway offers many different Bible reading plans (including these below) that they will send to your email daily:

- OT and NT in the NIV version, 365 days.  Readings sent daily to your email.
- OT and NT in the KJV version, 365 days.  Readings sent daily to your email.
- NT in the NIV version, 365 days.  Readings sent daily to your email.

Ligonier Ministries:

Ligionier Ministries, a ministry of RC Sproul, offers all the following Bible reading plans via PDF (plus more on their website):

- 365 days, each day of the week dedicated to a different genre of the Bible
- 5x5x5 plan - read through the NT in a year, Monday through Friday.
- chronological plan
- 4 readings plan - Psalms and  Wisdom Literature; Pentateuch and History of Israel; Chronicles and Prophets; and Gospel and Epistles.
- Historical plan - read through the Bible in the historical line-up.
- Straight through plan - read through the Bible starting at Genesis and finishing in Revelation.
- a Bible reading chart

ESV Bible:

The great thing about the ESV Bible website is that they offer their plans via email, mobile, RSS and more.  They have 12 different Bible reading plans, including these three:

- Chronological
- Daily Reading Plan - daily readings in OT, NT, and the Psalms
- Through the Bible in a year

We pray that as you read God's precious Word in 2017, that you will draw even closer to Him.  May you experience His presence and guidance now and always, girls, as you delve into the Bible!


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