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This week's question...

As the new year approaches, what changes or additions has the Lord placed on your heart to do in 2011?


  1. I'm currently on holidays from uni until March - far too long, I think! - and the Lord has challenged me to prepare myself for the year ahead. He's challenged me to prepare myself for when I'll meet my future husband; spiritually (spending heaps of time with the Lord), physically (learning how to cook, study and run a household properly), and mentally (learning to be more respectful and obedient).

    It might sound a bit vague, but I'm soooo excited about doing this; I know that God doesn't put stuff like that into our lives until we're ready for it, and I want to be ready as soon as possible!

  2. God has given me a defined purpose, and a defiant answer to continuous prayers of the last few months. He has renewed His love in my heart, and humbled me... I go into the new year with His strength ready to change lazy habits and contine studying wholeheartedly for Him in all areas.

  3. In the past, my New Years resolutions have almost always been about bettering myself...and I almost always fail at completing them. This year, however, I believe God is convicting me to place less of an emphasis on self. Therefore, most of my resolutions for the new year are about pouring myself out for others. This can include anything from Anneliese's resolution about preparing for her future spouse, to proactively carving out time in my day to arrange to meet with a friend to pray (even when I am "too busy"), to talking to a stranger in the cafeteria line who looks like they could use a friend.

  4. Very like Laura, the Lord's been asking me to place less emphasis on bettering of self- and focus on bettering my relationship with Him, as that is the only thing that will truly alter me!

    Wishing you all a blessed new year!


  5. Anneliese - wow, that is one long holiday!! But I love your plans and preparation. Regardless of when you get married, I know you'll be blessed by knowing and practicing this! And I might copy you and focus on those things too, especially over the summer (my long break).

    Laura and Sunshine - what a fantastic point. New Year's resolutions DO tend to be rather selfish, don't they? Or at least just about us, since it's the one thing we can (supposedly) change. I love that yours is to focus on others.

  6. I just got back from a conference with my church that went on this past week. God showed me that I need to learn to be content with where I am at in this next year. Apart of that means seeking out ways to serve the people around me no matter how much I don't want to. I am excited to grow in this area even though it will be (and already has been) hard. :)


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