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This week's question...

What are some of your family's favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. Our family has too many meaningful and beautiful traditions to count, but one of my favorites is really just a silly tradition. Every Christmas eve we grab a coffee or hot chocolate and a treat, and we go to the mall. We find a bench near the busiest spot in the mall and the four of us watch as people hurry by in the last-minute rush. While we sit there we share stories of our favorite Christmas memories, we laugh, we just enjoy being together. We also try to guess what people are buying, who the presents might be for, or why they are stuck doing their shopping last-minute. These stories and guesses can get quite funny!

    Since my Dad died, the tradition has not been quite the same, but the fond memories of our Christmas eve visits at the mall are some of my most precious.

  2. I thought I'd chime in, too...

    Our family has lots of Christmas traditions, but a few stick out to me:

    ~ we read the Nativity story from the Bible and talk about it, and ponder things like how it would've been to be Mary or Joseph or what the shepherds thought.

    ~ on Christmas Eve we have an annual party at our place. It's usually filled with lots of laughs, chats, and just good ole fellowship.

    ~ every year around Christmastime we get together with dear friends of ours and go to see the Living Christmas Tree (complete with a live nativity and drama, plus a "live tree" and music).

    This year will be somewhat different since my older brother is away - we'll miss him.

    We have lots of other traditions that we're rather fond of (and some years we add new ones). Christmas is such a special time for my family as we reflect on Jesus' birth and life.

  3. We like staying home for Christmas, for one thing, just so we can be together as a family. Each of us kids gets a new ornament every year, also. We usually read Luke 1 and 2 on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. It's my favorite time of the year, so I'm really excited about it all!

  4. We make Christmas cookie plates and deliver them to our neighbors. It's a great way to reach out to unsaved people in the neighborhood! We also enjoy our church's candle-light service on Christmas eve. It's a beautiful service that sets the focus of our hearts on Christ.


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