Conversations: Edition Twelve


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The deal: Each Thursday, we announce a question of the week. We seek to ask questions that spark interesting conversations, whether it simply be about books, traditions, spiritual disciplines, more theological matters, or anything related to life in general. You can join in our conversations two ways:

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This week's question...
What one person has the Lord used in a special way to encourage you in your walk with Him? How?


  1. Josh Harris has definitely been encouraging...his Desperate sermon series that I'm listening to right now is incredible.

    David Platt too...his Radical sermon series and book. He casts such a vision.

    My mom...she's so strong and loving.

    Also, the Ludys' books have challenged me too.

    There are so many people that have helped me...but there are a few. :)

  2. I've really been encouraged by my parents, my best friend, and most of all by Jesus Christ. In the entirety of my life I haven't really grown incredibly close in a spiritual sense to anyone in a way that lasts, but I am still pressing on, encouraged by God Himself!

  3. Leslie Ludy's books have been so inspiring in my walk with God and several missionaries in our church have been extremely good examples of what selfless faith is.


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