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This week's question...

The Rebelution is all about doing hard things for the glory of God (and we're totally for that!). Are there some hard things that you're doing right now? What is God teaching you through them?


  1. One hard thing is that I'm going to be starting a Bible study in about three weeks. It's really scary, but I've really felt that God is leading me to do it, and I feel His peace!

  2. I'm teaching at a homeschool christian co-op. That is teaching me to be kind and loving to those who are loveable and to those who maybe aren't.
    I'm cleaning houses for some elderly people. Even though I'm working we find time to talk and they teach me so much.
    Maybe the harest thing (that I try to do everyday) is to live each day for God, with God, and through God. I have different things to do each day and sometimes I get overwhelmed. But God still helps me to do what is right and good.
    There are many things that are hard, but God continually lightens my load and shows me the best way. So as I walk on some hard things move down to the easy list. :)

  3. Who knew that just obeying one of God's basic commandments (honor and obey your parents) could be so difficult! The hard thing that I'm doing lately is obeying my parents consistently no matter what...especially when I don't think that they're in the right! Honoring my Dad all the time, and apologizing for when my actions and words are not respectful is HARD! But I've been amazed to find that when I suck up my own wishes and opinions, and decide to smile and obey him, pretty soon God gives me real joy! :)

  4. Sometimes, not doing BIG things is one of the hardest things. I'd love to be out in some foreign country telling everyone that would listen about the love of Christ. But God's been teaching me to keep house for my family, learn to be a godly sister and loving daughter, and be a missionary right where I'm at. And as I learn to be faithful in the little hard things like cooking and cleaning He provides big hard things, like ministry and local outreach. Alex, don't be too discouraged. Sometimes we feel like we're not doing much because we're not doing what's big. But God puts us where we are for a reason. We've got to be faithful in whatever he gives us, and be willing to follow as he leads us into more! And Sarah, Rose and Carrie, I really liked hearing about the hard things He's leading you to do. How exciting!


  5. In our homeschool co-op all the teens are going through the book and challenging eachother. (just and idea!) I started playing the offertory in our church services. began before I read the book, but continuing - despite messing up so many times - is difficult and the book incouraged me on.


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