Valentine Card Challenge

Dear Sisters,

Valentine's Day is approaching and with it, lots of talk of love.  Well, this year, let's make that talk a reality and send cards to children imprisoned in Uganda!  Last year we did and there was such a huge turnout that Moriah Simonwich is doing it again.  Check out this post on The Rebelution for further details and the full story, but here's the basics from Moriah's post:

1. Make simple cards, preferably in a variety of colors. Please include the John 3:16 verse written out and God loves you OR Jesus Loves You (in their language of Luganda: Jesu Okwagala) and sign your name.
[**Please note: Although they will be made around or on Valentine’s Day, they are anytime cards, not actual Valentine’s holiday cards. Teams going on mission trips with Sixty Feet will take cards during the summer and they will be distributed at the appropriate times. Please do not write Happy Valentine’s Day. Besides which, guys at the prison weren’t going for the ones with pink or glitter.]
2. Pray over the card(s) & mail them to me at this address with “Valentine Card Challenge” written on your box or envelope:
Moriah Simonowich
P.O. Box 3227
Greenville, NC 27836
[I will be sending ONE box of all the cards to Sixty Feet in order to keep it as easy as possible for them.]

NOTE: The deadline for sending in the cards is February 29th

3. Email me the number of cards you make and send since it is fun to keep track: There will not be a specific “goal” to meet this year. Let’s just see what the Lord does!! All it takes is ordinary people willing to do what God asks of them to make an extraordinary difference in the lives around them and across the globe.
Let's share Jesus' abundant love this year with kids who may think they are forgotten in prison.  Let's show them they aren't forgotten because He loves them and we are praying for them!

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