Book Review: Simplify

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I'm an avid reader and even worked in my local library for awhile but I haven't picked up a book since May 2015.  Almost a year later I'm finally getting back into the bookworld.  I really missed reading but every time I tried, I would get lightheaded, dizzy, nauseous, my vision would blur and I'd get intense migraines that could last for a long time.  Yeah, I wrote When Pain Doesn't Fly Away four years ago and I'm still struggling with some of the same things.  It's still a journey and one that I'm so grateful God is carrying me through.

So when a friend recommended Simplify by Bill Hybels, I hesitantly started reading (I say hesisitantly because I was scared that my migraines and all that would commence as I started reading - but thankfully, they didn't!).  I found Bill's writing engaging and his ideas clear and practical.  I really appreciated his authenticity and Biblical viewpoint.  This is a treasure of a book, in my opinion!

This book really helped me see how I need to consistently do things that "fill my bucket", as Bill calls it.  This is going to be different for every person but the concept is the same.  He describes it best but basically I found out what things God uses to refresh and revive me and then made sure to schedule them into my life on a weekly basis.  That way I can continue to serve and love others as He has called me to do - and continually be refreshed and revived.

Maybe you've been feeling overwhelmed or drained in daily life or ministry or wherever God has you right now.  If so, pick up a copy of Simplify and start praying that God will use it in your life!


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